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Title XXIV ~ HERS I Compliance Testing

The California Energy Commission implemented rules regarding the installation of HVAC & related systems. The rules require a third party verification by a "special inspector"  or HERS Rater to perform specific tests to assist the contractor in meeting code compliance requirements.

That's where we come in.

  • We perform duct testing, refrigerant charge verifications, air flow measurements, fan watt draw, blower door testing in addition to a complete system inspection.
  • Once a system passes, we provide compliance documents to the contractor right away so the property owner can get the permit signed off by their local building department.
  • QII inspections & solar verifications are available (new construction only).
  • We are punctual, practical & patient.
  • We offer workshops for contractors and homeowners, alike.
  • We have a passion for keeping California beautiful & we understand that healthy homes make healthy neighborhoods.
  • We treat your property with the same diligence & respect as if it were ours.

BEE Code Compliant

HERS II ~ Whole House Rating

Are your energy costs high?

 What is the best pathway to reduce or eliminate these costs?

Did you know that an energy assessment could save you several thousand dollars on a solar array?

It's true in most cases. 

Do you have leaky windows, leaky building cavities or leaky duct work?

Would you buy solar panels if you knew this was happening? How would you know? 

Does your home sometimes become a dust or pollen magnet?

Does your heater or air conditioner seem to run far too long? 

Can your recessed lighting create poor air quality or discomfort?

Which appliances are using the most energy?

Want to know how much impact your teenager, roommate or in-laws are costing you daily, weekly or yearly?

BEE involved


All of this can be tested, measured & quantified to determine if changes to your home make good financial sense.

Most energy audits can be completed in one day.

Many fixes require surprisingly little investment to achieve an energy rating.

BEE in the know.

BPI ~ Building Analyst

We provide Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ testing) as an additional component of the Energy Upgrade California rebate program.

CAZ testing is about safety.

Older appliances can back draft extremely hot gases or even dump unwanted carbon monoxide (CO) into a garage, attic, closet or wherever the gas appliance is located.

CAZ tests ensure that these scenarios are not occurring.

BEE safe.

Home owners may be elligible for rebates starting at $2,500.00 & up depending upon the features that are chosen to be altered.

Of course, your appraisal value increases as you create a more energy efficient home.

Attention Partners in Energy Efficiency

If you're an HVAC contractor who needs extra help this season or simply needs an experienced HERS rater, please give us a call.

If you're a Home Performance contractor, we would be pleased to meet with you.

If you're a home or property owner & simply want to know more about your home or any available rebate programs, then drop us a line.

BEE smart.

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